Mother of the Groom Speech – The Tale of a Mother’s Love

Before your tears totally drop down, it is necessary to smile and laugh for awhile. Save your tears when it’s time for you to deliver that speech so it becomes more genuine. While you hold your emotions, there is a better chance for you to concentrate on the structures, patterns and other technical requirements of a wedding speech. That’s exactly what we are going to learn through the information below. You’ll be able to get ideas of what your speech would like. By saying that, are you ready now to make your own mother of the groom speech?

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A mother of the groom speech has to be meaningful and memorable. So, don’t ever think to disregard any tips and guidelines in composing wedding speeches. Remember, any kinds of special tasks for family related events, especially if it’s the first time, it becomes important to have a guide. This can make your job properly and successfully complete. This same notion applies in making a mother of the groom speech. You will need considerations (tips and guidelines) to create a wedding speech from a groom’s mother.

1. Make a Draft

First, making an outline is helpful in creating a well organized mother of the groom speech. Take note there are three parts of a wedding speech, the introduction, the body and the ending or conclusion. This is a huge factor to know before making an outline or draft.

2. Concentrate on the Topic of Every Part of Your Speech

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Make sure that you have only one main subject in each of the parts of the speech. Your heading should be different from the body as well as the body is not the same as the conclusion. For example your subject in your heading is to introduce the newlywed couple, then acknowledge their relatives and thank their sponsors, while you also put a name to yourself so the audience knows who you are. Not all of the men and women in the audience would happen to know that you’re the groom’s mother. Do not just start talking without telling them who you are. You just concentrate on one thing before you proceed to the next and that’s how you can avoid mismatching things.

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For the body, you say memorable stories about your son. Again, you just concentrate on his life and not on other of your son’s story. What this means is that you don’t try to add any stories that are not related to your main subject which is about your son. There is the mother of the bride speech which primarily talks on the bride. So, for the mother of the groom speech, that is how you do your part.

Moreover, be careful in adding stories about your son because there are some memories that he won’t surely want to hear. Stay away from those inappropriate things on the ears. Never ever tell stories about his ex girlfriends, embarrassing moments and other unethical stories. One of the common mistakes of other moms when delivering a wedding speech is diverting or affecting the mood of the newlyweds. You should never spoil their best moment together.

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At the end of your mother of the groom speech, the things you say should be memorable. Your special advice is where here comes in. However, make nice, but simple pieces of advice and words of tips about how the newlyweds can make their relationship strong and live happily together. Other than that, thank all the participants of the wedding and welcome the bride into your family to feel her very special and important.

3. Shorten the Speech

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Every speech is anticipated to be short and sweet. Therefore, your mother of the groom speech must not be different from other speeches. It has to be delivered as short as possible. Now, if you are wondering, how you can make that a 5-minute message only if there are many things you want to say from the introduction to the end? That’s when you start picking out the best and important things only. You do not have to narrate a story about your son from the time he was born up to the last moment you spent time with him. Just know where to stop and in fact, there’s nothing to do put in details. You simply give a headline in a summary form and that’s it.

These are only simple tips about how you can learn the right way to compose a mother of the groom speech. It is a part of the guideline that you need to know in making your unforgettable wedding speech. Consider these things if you want to make the wedding of your son and your new daughter-in-law to be very memorable and successful. By then, you are ready to fully become emotional and pour out your feelings which indicate your unconditional love and support for the both of them.


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  5. Thank you for giving me that warning – making a speech as short as possible. I was the only one who had the shortest speech of the night except the speech of the maid of honor I think. All of the speakers of the wedding of our son gave more than 10 minutes. During the three speakers, I noticed that people were not really enjoying anymore. At that time I was the next to speak up. I got nervous all of a sudden. Then I remembered it’s just a few minutes to give my speech so I hoped they would like it. As I spoke, I tried to observe their reactions. They were very attentive and seemed interested. After I offered a toast for the newlyweds, a lot of them stood up and applauded. I think they loved it because it’s short. I thought that was it but they actually loved the things I’ve shared to them.

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  11. Thank God this post emphasized that it’s not advisable to name each of the members of the wedding entourage! I would die to talk each one of them or all the family of the bride! My friends told me that I must not forget the other family and I should tell a few things about them or toward them. I did not agree at first because what I knew was to speak with my son only. If there was another person to add then it must be the bride. And that’s exactly what I did. I made a short speech that was addressed to the couple, exclusively to them.

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