Maid of Honor Duties Before and For the Big Day

It’s going to be a good and exciting journey for being a maid of honor. While it sounds a very busy task, the duties and responsibilities of a maid of honor are a huge privilege. She is a very special person to the bride. It is somewhat a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be chosen a maid of honor. If you have been recently asked to be that person, it is necessary to concentrate on the duties and responsibilities you are expected to execute. What exactly are the things you have to do before and during the wedding?

Before the Wedding Day

Numerous specific tasks await you some weeks before the day of the special occasion. Those are the things that will likely you keep occupied. The most daunting duties are those that must be executed or completed before. So, prepare yourself even days prior to that very special moment.

1. Scout Venues

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Somehow, a maid of honor is going to help the bride all the way, in most many occasions. If she is not assisting her and the groom in finding their wedding location, she is definitely in charge. The bachelorette party, for example, has to be covered by her because this is a pre-event that must be prepared by the maid of honor. She has to surprise the bride for some reasons.

2. Prepare Invitations

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Whether they are personalized or ordered, wedding invitations have to be prepared by the maid of honor. She helps with the couple in preparing and distributing those cards. She may even send some invitations cards herself.

3. Choose Flowers and Decorations

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Being a girl, expect to be with the bride in exploring, selecting, and ordering choices related to designing. In a wedding setting, it’s all about flowers and decorations. You have to give your own creativity, recommendation and ideas when it comes to these things.

4. Shop Wedding Dresses

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The bride and the maid of honor are usually best friends. And what interests them the most? Yes, shopping dresses! Who would not be excited about getting a bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses at the same time? I assume this is the one thing that would make you scream and jump for joy.

5. Plan the Wedding Program

There are many things to set up for the wedding and the best time to prepare them is before the day. You have to be present and help the couple with the numerous usual wedding stuffs. These include the seating arrangement, ceremony details, and registering gifts online.

6. Attend Cake, Food and Wine Tasting

Another exciting appointment that may require your presence is tasting the foods and beverage. The couple usually does this but they may need your suggestions so you have to go with them. Besides, it’s free to taste a variety of foods so that would be a bonus to your part!

7. Host the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette and Rehearsal Dinner

The bachelorette party is definitely the event you are going to throw so everything must be covered by you with the help of some mutual friends and family members of the bride. Other than that, you may be asked also to host the rehearsal dinner and, most particularly, the bridal shower. These are pre-wedding events that you must prepare as well. You are going to be attending these three special occasions anyway.

For the Wedding Day

Your responsibility as a maid of honor does not stop there. It is just the beginning of what you have to do. More duties have to be completed and done on the day of the wedding. Here are traditional and optional duties to deal with.

1. Assist the Bride on Her Getup

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The groom is not around during the dressing time but you, as the maid of honor, have to be there. You are anticipated to help her put on her bridal dress, shoes, jewelry, accessories and other things she has to wear.

2. Be a Messenger

Other than that, you must be alert and attentive as the bride may send you to her groom to say or give something. Likewise, you may do the same from the groom to the bride. If not the couple, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are your responsibilities too.

3. Check Things in Place

At the very last minutes, it is your job to make sure everything is in place. From the photographers to the bridesmaids, bouquets to chairs, you must check if they are all ready. Most importantly, see if both the groom and the bride are ready to walk down the aisle.

4. Hold the Groom’s Ring and the Bride’s Bouquet

While the best man keeps the ring of the bride, you hold the ring of the groom. Also, you take the bouquet of the bride whenever she needs a hand during the marriage ceremony.

5. Deliver a Speech and Toast

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One of the last but most important things you must do for the wedding is to give a maid of honor speech. This is your best moment to shine because you have to stand in front of the audience and not just the newlyweds. So, save the best words for last and wish them happiness.

6. Have Fun

Lastly, do not forget to have a good time all throughout the event. The party really starts on the dance floor so give yourself some time to show those hidden moves and just enjoy the moment with the rest of the folks. Besides, you deserve it after a long preparation to help make this wedding special, memorable and successful.

To sum all these up, there’s nothing too easy or too difficult to handle as long as your heart is in it. So, make sure you are very happy and willing to be the maid of honor so you won’t have any problem dealing with all these duties and responsibilities. Otherwise, you are not going to enjoy any of it which is not a good thing at all because the bride trusts you enough to handle things as she expects you to be.


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