How to Plan a Destination Wedding

How would you like to get married in an island or by the mountains in a distant location? Does the idea sound appealing to you? A destination wedding sounds pretty amazing to me! In fact, I know a lot of friends who would like to do a destination wedding who are not quite sure how to plan or what to do. Would you like to get married in another State, another country, or a new State? If yes, I think this post would be very helpful for you. I personally did my own research on the topic and asked experts about what specific tip they can give for couples who want a destination wedding. I gathered all their suggestions and came up with this list.Image Source : whoalse

How much is your budget? Whether it’s a destination wedding or a local wedding, you will need to prepare funds to celebrate a wedding. How much you can afford to spend depends on your savings. While some people may consider taking out a loan from a bank or borrowing money from relatives, I personally feel that things would so much better if you will not need to worry about repayment after the wedding.

Let’s face it. A destination wedding is bound to be more expensive than having the wedding in your city or hometown. Nevertheless, if you are financially prepared, then a destination wedding can be a wonderful option. You will need to sit down, calculate the costs (airfare, accommodation, food, etc.), and take a look at your finances before making a decision. Once you have made the final decision, find every possible means to work within your budget and see to it that your expenses will not exceed.

Who pays for what? Will you be paying for the airfare of your family members and entourage? What about the airfare of your guests? Are guests expected to pay for their own plane tickets? You might be able to enjoy huge discounts if you will work with a travel agent and buy your tickets from just one travel agency.

Some travel agencies offer packages that may include airfare and accommodation. Don’t forget to inquire about special group rates and compare the costs from one travel agency to another. Another option is to book with an online travel agency as the prices are bound to be much cheaper. However, don’t forget that online bookings are often non-refundable so you should book flights carefully.

Where will your guests stay? Even if your guests are expected to shoulder the airfare and accommodation expenses, it is your responsibility to make sure that they will not have any problems with their stay. It would be smart to make the necessary arrangements with a specific hotel, lodge, or inn not only for your family but for all your guests as well. Once again, ask for group rates. You are most likely to be offered cheaper room rates if you will be booking a couple rooms at once.

Create your wedding website. There are many web hosting sites that offer free wedding websites for couples who are on their way to be married. I think having a website is so smart especially for couples who are planning a destination wedding. From your website, you can send out updates to everyone who is invited to your wedding. Thus, they can simply check out your website to be aware of all the arrangements for a smooth, hassle-free preparation.

Where will the gifts be sent? One advantage about having a wedding website is that guests can check out your gift registry to get gift ideas instead of trying to guess what you might like to receive. Furthermore, they would know where to send their presents especially if the wedding will be taking place in another State or country.

Needless to say, it would be a hassle for the couple if they would have to bring home too many gifts after the wedding. Not only would they be carrying too many luggage to the airport, they would also need to pay expensive luggage fees to bring everything home. Hence, you would be doing the couple a huge favor if you will just have their gifts sent to the address specified from their online gift registry. And just in case the couple didn’t create a website for information, it would be best to simply ask the groom or the bride where they want their gifts to be sent.

What is the legal process? Of course, it is very important to be aware of the legal process if you would like to have a wedding ceremony in a foreign land. The requirements for acquiring a marriage license might not be the same in all countries. Don’t assume that legal process would be exactly the same as in your own country. You can do your own research from the internet but to be sure, it is best to ask assistance from a local attorney who is resident in that country. See to it that the lawyer is also licensed to avoid any problems later on.Image Source : donabelandewen

Send invitations ahead of time. If you would be tying the knot in a distant place, of course, you would need to send out your wedding invitations earlier to give everyone enough time to prepare for the trip. Apart from money matters, guests would need to arrange their schedules in advance. They might need to file a leave of absence or inform their bosses about their plan to take a vacation. It would be best if you can send out your invitations at least two or three months prior to the wedding day.

Hire a local wedding planner. Unless you’re quite familiar with the place, it is recommended to hire a local wedding planner or event organizer who can help you out with the details and do most of the hard work for you. A local wedding planner would be able to give you practical suggestions particularly when it comes to hiring services such as catering, photography, florists, wedding suppliers, etc. These people are the experts and they should know the right people to contact to get the best services at the best rates.


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