How to Personalize Wedding Invitations

Two page invitation cards with some glitters are one of the common types of wedding invitations used these days. Sometimes, couples just choose one page which is presented as a scroll. Others use special, unique and lavish invitations such as inserted in a sealed bottle or an audio invitation in a jewelry box. Well, there are no restrictions or rules when making invitations for weddings. You, too, can be creative and choose to have uniquely designed wedding invitations. If you are able to send beautiful and seemingly expensive invitations, your guests would be surely motivated to go and come to your most special day. At some point, invitations mirror that kind of wedding you will have so as long as they are made spectacular, everybody is going to look forward to it.Image Source :Nemo

There are lots of things to prepare and keep in mind when you are looking forward to having your very own wedding. Invitations are among the first priorities because obviously you have to send them out as soon as possible. When it comes to wedding invitations, you need to find a way to make the designs and styles very attractive. Like I’ve said, your wedding invitation cards can give your guests an idea regarding how simple or formal your wedding is. Most importantly, it guides them to know the details of the wedding such as the venue and time, as well as the kind of dress code. Don’t fret as you can learn simple but amazing tips on how to personalize your wedding invitations from the suggestions below.

1. Add Photos

Photos are a good way to make your wedding invitations very creative. Whether your picture is a casual shot, fun shot or formal engagement photo, as long as it is going to be a photo of you and your partner then it would make great addition to the invitations. Actually, personalized invitations can be one of the souvenirs to your guests which they can consider as a remembrance. Yet, you want your face on them so they will always reminisce your beautiful and memorable wedding. The good news is that you can make photo printing yourself. Just have the right tool which must be software on the computer and design it the way you want and print within seconds.

2. Emboss It

Do you want to have simple but creative invitation cards that can make your guests say “Wow!”? The answer then is to use an embosser which can help put your initials together or even your first names to personalize the paper or cardboard of your wedding invitations. This is one simple and really affordable way on how to make wedding invitations unique, elegant, and easy.

3. Charm It with the Right MotifImage Source :rockinfree

Another way to make your wedding invitations unique but beautiful is to add some charms and accents on it. These are related to the wedding theme and color that provide a great feel of what your special occasion would be like. What you only have to do is to choose the right paper and match all the colors that represent the theme of the wedding.

4. Stamp It

You can also have the option to put a personal stamp on the wedding invitations. Adding stamp is an ideal way to make your wedding invitation more unique and legit. You can opt for photos of you and your partner, a monogram or your own choice of icon or logo that can add a little touch to every invitation you send out.

5. Put the DetailsImage Source : markhillary

Last but not the least, your wedding invitations must have all the necessary and important information. These refer to the date and time of your wedding, venue of the ceremony and reception, and of course your name. Others are option to add such as your personal message to each other, a love quote or note to parents. However, do not forget to include “RSVP” so every person who receives your invitation is obliged to give their responses whether they can come and witness your wedding or not.

Uniqueness and creativity are the key ingredients in making beautiful invitations for weddings. You just have to put an identity that can describe what kind of relationship you have and that’s what makes your invitation cards personalized. They may be just made out of paper and ink but they mean a lot in a variety of ways for the both of you as a couple, and to your recipients.


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