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So it’s the biggest day of your life, the divine occasion on which you will marry the woman of your dreams.  And rest assured that, on this day, many men you know would like to put themselves in your place; and for a vast variety of reasons.

On this day you will marry a woman that most men only dream of; a woman who is wise and kind, charming and beautiful, loving and successful.  You will get to wear a primo tux and—for one day at least—consume as much cake and champagne as humanly possible.  And before all of this you would have enjoyed the ultimate bachelor party, one celebrated in your honor.  Seriously, dude; who would not want to be you on your wedding day?Image Source :Richjohnson

Except, of course, for anyone who really doesn’t like to give speeches.  And this illustrious group consists of just about everyone.  It is an established fact that very few people tend to enjoy and actively embrace the act of speaking in public.  This is especially true of males, who even in this advanced day and age may have difficulty expressing tender emotions; especially before a large group of people.

It is also an established and accepted fact, though, that the groom wedding speech is a mandatory part of every wedding reception, and indeed of every marital ceremony.  Indeed, in the immediate aftermath of a wedding ceremony—perhaps the sweetest and most romantic of ceremonial rites celebrated in this society—guests will sit down at a wedding reception with certain expectations in mind.

They will want cake.  Lots of it.  They will want champagne.  Even more of it.  And, most of all, they will want to hear the words of the newly minted husband and wife, in all their articulate glory.  They will want to know your thoughts and feelings on this most momentous of days.  They will want to know pertinent facts about your past (in this situation meet cute stories are not an annoyance—quite the contrary, they are a base requirement, your present (express your affection and innermost emotions for the person to whom you just pledged your life) and your future (OK OK, inquiring mother in laws want to know, how big will your first house be and how many kids will fill it in the immediate future?).

And more than being on the receiving end of certain important information, your friends and family members gathered for your wedding want to take away certain feelings from your oratory. They will want to feel happy, sentimental, hopeful, romantic, and most of all confident about the bliss and sanctity of the union that they have just witnessed.

OK, at this point you are probably ready to head for the hills—or, at the very least, for the nearest sports bar.  You are a dude, after all—how on earth are you supposed to come up with some mushy gushy oratory; one just filled with hearts, flowers and emotions for the one you love?  Well the first step is to summon the very same feelings that first inspired you to propose to the bride.

In fact, when planning your groom speech, you may want to take a look back at the context and content of your proposal.  For while you may have just said something to the effect, “Um, I really love you so marry me OK?”, chances are that your words and sentiments ran far deeper.  You probably told her that she was your favorite person, both a dear friend and a coveted lover, and you probably listed all of the wonderful qualities that so endear you to this special woman.  Her charm.  Her intellect.  Her beauty.  Her humor.

These are the very qualities that should shine through the words and phrasing of your groom speech.  Use this oratory to paint a vivid and beautiful portrait of the woman you married; and just as you made her feel your love on the day of your proposal, express this very same affection to all in attendance on the day of your wedding.  Even as you look and speak primarily to her as she sits there before you at the reception hall, make sure that every last person in earshot knows just how deeply you feel about her.

Remember at the same time that, unlike this proposal, your bride will not be the sole audience for your wedding speech.  Remember always to acknowledge and thank the other important people gathered for this special day: your parents, the bride’s parents, your siblings and attendants, your friends and other family members, the officiating pastor at your wedding, etc.  And aside from gracing them all with a generic thank you, grant them each a specific moment of recognition for something that they contributed to your wedding ceremony.

You might thank your parents for springing for the wedding reception, or your best man for getting you through the entire process of planning and realizing the wedding itself—along, of course, with the outstanding bachelor party (while at the same time reassuring the bride that it wasn’t too outstanding!:))  Thank your bride’s parents for springing for the wedding (as is often and traditionally the case), and—of course—for bringing the most fabulous woman on the face of the earth into the world. And don’t worry dude; as you are getting all sweet and sentimental throughout the course of your exalted wedding oratory, you do have permission to make just a few groom speech jokes along the way.

After all, in the wake of a day filled with sentiment and emotion just about everyone will be ready for a good laugh—and who better to deliver it than the groom himself?  Feel free to share that hilarious anecdote about how you and the bride met, or about the disastrous first date that somehow resulted in a lifetime commitment.  Also feel free to tell a few jokes about leaving behind the bachelor life and settling in to the novel confines of blissful domesticity.….just make sure, of course, that you are indeed making your new life sound like a blissful and greatly anticipated one.

Reserve all of the ‘ball and chain’ and abandoned youth jokes for the bachelor party (and even then be sure that you do not say anything that insults your wife to be); all groom speech jokes should be gentle, tasteful, clean, and most of all positive in tone.If you should happen to need further advice on how to make your wedding day oratory the best of its kind, you may choose to seek out some top quality groom speech examples.  These documents are not scripts that you can simply copy word for word, memorize to the letter, then deliver in a mechanical fashion on the day of your wedding.  Your speech must be highly personal in content, convincing in its intense degree of emotion and incredible personal conviction.  No simple paper sample can tell you how to feel or even just how to express your feelings.

An example can, however, help you organize your thoughts and feelings in a cohesive and structured manner.  You know the stories and anecdotes you want to share, but in what order should you tell them?  You know who you want to acknowledge, but who should you thank first?  When should you address your glorious future with your wife and at what point do you remember your beautiful past?  A speech example will give you a better idea of what information to state where, and may even give you new and fresh ideas as to what to say and how to say it.

Basically your speech example can serve as a handy and reliable outline or template that one can consult while composing his groom speeches.  It is like the close friend you wish you had sitting close by your side as you pen your oratory; the one who always knows just what to say, and—just as importantly—how and when to say it.  As an added bonus, you won’t have to bribe this friend with cold, hard cash and a colder, harder beer, in an effort to keep him from revealing the fact that he is the one who helped you write your all-important speech.

Just take comfort in the knowledge that you will be the one delivering this winning oratory on the day of your wedding ceremony, in the presence of your dearest family members, your closest friends, and of course your beautiful bride.  It is this beautiful, sweet and wonderful woman to whom you wish to pay divine tribute on this, the day of your nuptials.  Whatever you say, say it to and for her.  By the conclusion of your speech, she should know without a single doubt that she is the queen—both of the day and of your heart.

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