Common Locations to Host a Wedding

A wedding location is one of the most important matters and hardest decisions to make by a couple who is engaged. It should be a beautiful place wherein great memories are created and cherished for a very long time. Because of that, both the bride and the groom have to choose a good venue that they won’t regret. The choice is based on a few points, which include the personal preference of the couple, their budget, theme of the event and weather conditions. Nonetheless, there are only several locations to really select from.

1. Church

It has been a tradition to exchange vows in a local church. Regardless of the religion and belief, the couple can decide to get married here. They absolutely have the freedom to find a church where they want to have their wedding. If you are both members of a particular church, it won’t be difficult to select as you just have to talk with the church leader about it.

2. Beach

Many couples these days are getting married by the seashore. The breathtaking view of the beach and sun makes the day more special. That’s why it is not a new location to choose anymore. You just find the best spot, place chairs for all of your guests and build a cute altar. Sometimes, it is much better to choose a beach location where there is a nearby hotel resort, so the reception takes place in just several barefoot steps.

3. Hotel

The functional hall or conference room of a local or an international hotel is also a common place for wedding events. Most couple opt for this because almost everything needed can be prepared by the host location. You won’t have to decorate, hire a food catering service or rent chairs and tables, as it is usually covered by the hotel. Most hotels offer wedding packages in which decorations, hosting, amenities and food catering are already included. You just have to pay and add anything that is necessary. Wouldn’t that be a great choice for those who couples who want less preparations hassles?

4. Garden

Some brides and grooms refer an outdoor wedding. It is not necessarily a garden, but it means in an outside location with beautiful landscape full of plants, sometimes a wishing well and sculptures. It can also imply a backyard wherein the lawn is spacious and very green.

5. Barn

If not in a garden, it is at the barn. This location is usually selected if the wedding theme is country or rustic. It is quite a unique scenery if you choose this. It sounds simple, but actually when decorated and lighted up, it will make your jaws drop.

6. Vineyard

A location wherein you get to see the sun sets down from the distance through a beautiful vineyard backdrop is another good choice. It will be a spectacular view for sure. Therefore, this should be an interesting venue to choose for a wonderful wedding event.

7. Rooftop

A high building or a tall tower is also a great location for wedding occasions. But not in one of the rooms, but the highest part which is the rooftop. With skyscrapers around, it will be a magical event if the couple chooses to wed at this particular area. This is, in fact, an excellent choice for modern or contemporary weddings.

8. Cruise

If you prefer something more than local or more unique, cruise is definitely an ideal setting for tying the knot with the love of your life. Who would not want to get married in a beautiful, big and luxurious ship that goes to different destinations? It will be also your honeymoon. It may be docked or moving, a wedding in a cruise is something you two will enjoy and never forget as you spend the rest of your lives together.

These eight locations or venues for wedding events are the most common places chosen by engaged couples around the world. The brilliant moments you dream of and expect from this special day have better chances of coming true if they take place in a very stunning location. If you are still trying to find the right place for your own wedding, just refer to the choices as listed above.


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