Bridal Make-Up – The Right Color for Skin Tone

As the bride of the most anticipating wedding, you are probably excited. But, do you know that excitement can also make you feel stressful? With that in mind, stress can make your skin very dry, and will later soon show up. You do not want to look uncomfortable, tired and stressful on your most special day. Good thing, it is traditional and a must to have a makeover!

Don’t Tolerate Stress

First and foremost, you need to avoid having any reason to get stressed out. It is a sure thing to be busy preparing stuff, because as the bride who wants her wedding to be beautiful, it is understandable. Also, some things cannot be avoided and you want to make sure everything is set or arranged. However, when you are at the moment of things being uncontrollable or going beyond to your stress level, it’s time to slow down and ensure yourself is at peace and relaxed.

Get Enough Beauty Rest

Having the right amount of sleep is also helpful. This can help you refresh not only your mind and energy, but also skin. Most agree that a woman who gets enough sleep or adequate rest glows, as it can show on her skin and outward appearance. Don’t you think you can also concur to that?

Be Familiar with Your Skin Tone

Picking up the right make up for you is the most basic idea for a beauty makeover. The only important thing that is related to that is your natural skin tone. You need to know what your skin color and type, because the skin tone can dictate you the kind of makeup to use. Remember the fact that white skin, brown skin, black skin, and other color are very different from each other. So, before you choose a make-up kit, you first need to identify your natural skin color.

Check the Date of the Wedding

What does the date have to do with your makeup or beauty? There is relevance, because the climate during that special day can affect the skin to become dry, sweaty, etc. On that note, the right makeup is badly needed that matches that temperature and humidity on that day. So, is the wedding going to happen in summer, spring, winter, fall, or even rainy season?

Apply Moisturizer before Make-Up

Dullness, flakes, redness and dryness caused by cold air are not good contributors, especially during winter season. The bride’s skin won’t do well with that, too. That said, you must apply some moisturizing lotion to exfoliate dead cells from your skin. You must do this beauty technique ahead of days before the wedding, and not just the time you are about to wear your dream bridal gown.

Like what is given earlier, you need to deal with your skin type to get the right moisturizer. It may be dry, oily or fair, and depends on the moisturizer you choose, which is another consideration to keep in mind.

Most beauty experts recommend hydrating primer to apply on the skin if the wedding takes place during the winter season. This solution can leave the skin smooth, which allows make up application much easier.

Use the Right Foundation

Foundations are also made up of various types. This simply means that you have to pick the right foundation for you, too. By then, you are able to know your skin type and tone. If you have oily skin, do not opt for matte foundation, as this is not good for you. The reason is because it can easily mark your fine lines making your skin dull, especially in winter time. Instead of matte foundation, as beauty experts recommend, silicone-based foundation is the right one to use.

For summer and spring, matte and other types of foundation for a warmer temperature are most suited. If you have fair skin, you can just always apply some liquid foundation to hide fine lines, dark spots, rankles, and even wrinkles in your face.

Avoid Spray Lotion

If your makeup artist tries to spray you some spray tan, do not tolerate it for a second. This can do some temporary ugly line that may not match your natural skin color, and eventually physical damage on your skin. What’s worst, it can possibly ruin your wedding gown.

Rather than spraying tan solution, use bronzer, which is mostly applied underneath the cheekbones. Bronzer is designed to contour the face and warm up the skin complexion. Afterwards, apply rosy red or pink blushes directly on the top of your cheek. With this option, you can notice that your face transforms into a more glowing and noticeable look.

Soften the Lips

Chapped lips are one issue every woman has to face and deal with. If a woman becomes the bride, she doesn’t want her lips to look like been glued with sandpaper. It is essential to apply some lip balm first, as this is very effective in nourishing the lips, or translucent base. After that, you may follow with lipstick of your choice, but has to be matched with your skin color and makeup in general.

What makes the bride stands out is not solely on her luxurious and stunning, and probably expensive, wedding gown. While there is nothing wrong wearing a high-priced dress, a bride deserves to look beautiful on her own event. This is a momentous day wherein she has to be in her best. That’s why having the right make-up is what you need to do, as it is able to help much to showcase your natural beauty and make you look more gorgeous.


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