Best Man Speech – Simple Words that Mean a Lot

As you can picture yourself in a black suit with boutonniere, excitement suddenly occurs even though it’s not particularly your special moment. Being a part of a memorable event especially if you have a special role is something you just don’t take for granted. As the best man, a lot of responsibilities you need to make that can contribute to the success of the wedding of your friends.

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Frankly speaking, being the best man on a wedding is an honor to any close friends or relatives like a brother. However, once you tell “yes” to the bride and the groom for being the best man, be sure that you are ready to face some challenges that can provide you stress and hassle.

One of the duties and responsibilities of a best man is to deliver a wedding speech. It sounds as an easy job but for first timers is not the same. I couldn’t agree more because any speech can be nerve-wracking. In fact, there are some individuals who have fear in speaking on front of many people. This is the only reason why some men are not willing to be the best man on a wedding.

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So, it is very important to have ideas or knowledge regarding this particular responsibility. You do not just stand up and talk about random things. You have to plan and organize the things to say because there is etiquette in every wedding speech. Fortunately, it takes only by getting information and tips regarding how to prepare and deliver a best man speech. Once you get these things you become more motivated and prepared to make a speech and toast.

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You can ask some tips and assistance from your close friends or relatives who actually experienced being a best man or at least a speaker on a wedding. This is one way for you to get ideas before writing your own best man speech. Their tips and ideas are useful which can help avoid common mistakes that some wedding speakers do.

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There are two goals for every best man who needs to give their speech. The first goal of a best man wedding speech is to make the wedding celebrants (the bride and the groom) feel special. Secondly, it is to entertain and impress the wedding guests or attendees.

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In composing your best man speech, keep in mind that the groom and the bride choose you because they have a trust in you and clearly special for them. In return, you give what they expect when you provide your speech. This means the things you say must be something the couple, especially the groom, has to agree with. You must not reveal any information that isn’t true or inappropriate. That is one rule you must always remember throughout the composition of your speech.

Make your best man speech simple, short but meaningful to everyone, especially the two stars of the event. It is important to shorten your wedding speech, maybe 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t make your speech long, because it can easily help the listeners feel bored. Moreover, don’t forget to introduce yourself as the best man and how close you are to the groom. A sentence or two about you is enough because you have to concentrate on the relationship of the couple and your friendship with the groom. Other than those, thank everyone on behalf of the couple.

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Don’t forget to rehearse your best man speech after writing it. Practising your speech will help you manage your tone or pitch in delivering a speech. Always remember that practice makes things perfect.

All of these things are important to put in mind when you need to write a wedding speech for best man. Consider these things to making your wedding speech interesting.


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