Beach Wedding Cakes – Top Common Choices

Beach wedding cakes are very cool and artistic cakes to have for the special event. If your wedding is going to take place at a beach, the theme is very obvious. Now, you just have to choose the best cake for a beach wedding. Here are some great choices of wedding cakes that are beach inspired.Image Source : mrsrichardson1

1. Starfish and Sand Cake

One of the very common beach wedding cakes is the starfish and sand cake. This is a full white cake, either in round or rectangle shape, sprinkled with brown crushed crumbs to make sand. You have plenty of choices on the ingredients to use for the “sand”. It may be crushed graham crackers, grinded nuts or plainly brown sugar. It is also possible to combine all of them to have a great flavor. To complete the picture, have some starfishes of various sizes designed from fondant. You can have at least three separate layers of rectangle-shaped cakes or combined layers of round cakes from smallest to the biggest size down.Image Source : nicknbecka

2. Sea Shell Cake

Shells are beach related items so this particular object to use for your wedding cake. You can choose to have the popular 5-layered round shaped cake covered with blue and white fondant and real shells are embellished everywhere from top to bottom. It is also possible to have the most beautiful and largest shell to use as the topper for the cake.

3. Surf Cake

If you and your lover are into surfing, your wedding cake has to be related to it. The surf cake is another choice of the best and most common beach wedding cakes. In fact, this design of cake is very creative. You can have a crashing wave with a figurine of a man and a woman surfing together. It has to be coated in blue and white with some green to accentuate the entire cake. Regardless, this will surely become a presentable table centerpiece during the reception.

4. Marine Life Cake

It’s also interesting to have a cake that has full of different sea creatures. This can be generally called as marine life cake. You can select starfish, shells, small fishes, lobsters, octopus, corals and others. You may also put additional embellishments of pearls and sand-like crumbs on the side. All these can come up with one of the beautiful beach wedding cakes your guests would ever see.

5. Tropical Flower Cake

Another creative cake for a beach wedding is tropical flower cake. You can have green, yellow, orange and blue colors for this cake especially if you like a tall cake with lots of layers. Flourish each layer with real flowers that you normally see at a tropical beach or island.

6. Island Cake

Some beach wedding cakes are similar in designs and styles. One example is the island cake being compared to tropical flower cake. Well, a tropical flower cake has more flowers and emphasizes those objects more than anything. An island cake can be made differently by having some trees added, waves and a cute islet. You may even add a bride and a groom figurine as if they are stuck in a romantic island together. That is a great idea of having a cake for a wedding occasion by the way.

7. Sand Castle Cake

When you were younger you surely made some sand castle everytime you go to the beach with your family. If you are a couple who is into making sand castles or simply just loving the water of your hometown beach, a sand castle cake is one more very cool choice. As a matter of fact, this theme is one of the trendiest beach wedding cakes these days. You can choose a big sand castle cake in brown or dirty white color.Image Source :egenerica

8. Pirates and Treasure Cake

For many engaged couples, a cake with pirates and treasure is not a popular or a favorite choice. However, this has become a trend too for beach wedding cakes because of the artistic outcome. To make it more interesting, use real jewels, although not the expensive and authentic ones. You can add a male pirate and a female pirate that will look like a couple.

9. Palm and Coconut Cake

If you have the interest in coconuts and palm trees, you may show that to your wedding cake. A palm and coconut cake is a very beautiful cake for this kind of special occasion. It is somewhat refreshing to look at which is quite related to a romantic honeymoon of the lovers. Anyhow, you may select to have coconuts and palm trees made from fondant with a bride and a groom figurine. For the couple figurine, it must be something creative like they are kissing or the groom is carrying the bride.

10. Bamboo and Tiki Cake

Also known as Hawaiian cake, the bamboo and tiki cake is also one of the excellent choices of beach wedding cakes to have.  You may select real pieces of bamboo sticks and tiki for the cake then just accentuate it with fondants of flowers and an engaged couple figurine.

11. Kayaking Cake

If you can describe your relationship as adventurous, at your beach wedding, you can have a kayaking cake. With a figure of a bride and groom in a kayak, the cake can become an interesting centerpiece.

12. Lighthouse Cake

A beach is also about lighthouse so when you choose a cake you can consider having a lighthouse inspired cake instead. You may have a very tall lighthouse atop of another round cake that looks like a cliff to make a dramatic effect of the whole picture.

13. Boat Cake

It is also a nice idea to have a boat or yacht cake. The entire cake may be made to look like a boat from top to bottom and side to side. You may also choose to have at least more than one layer wherein the topper is the boat with a bride and a groom figurine.

14. Nautical Cake

If you do not like the idea of a boat for a wedding cake, you may make it more general to become a nautical cake. This is also one of the great beach wedding cakes to select from especially if the groom works in a boat or probably a navy officer.

15. Beach Chair Cake

A simple type of wedding cake for a beach inspired theme is the beach chair cake. You can have three to five or more layers and top of it are two beach chairs wherein the bride and the groom model are seated.

These choices of beach wedding cakes are among the popular nowadays. You can select based on the type of relationship you have with your lover or the interests you share together. With this list, you certainly do not have to think hard at all. You just explore what you two like for your wedding cake. Once you both made an agreement, the only thing left to do is to order it from one of the best local bakers or cake shop to make your dream wedding cake come real.


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