4 Ways to Have a Free Wedding

Buying a glamorous wedding gown, reserving a venue, ordering a cake of five layers, and picking up the perfect ring can surely sum up to thousands of dollars. This kind of event is not just an ordinary affair, but an expensive and luxurious one. It can really cost you a large amount of money.

What if you can have the opportunity to spend zero dime at all? Fortunately, there are a few ways that can happen. If you are looking for a free wedding, better read along and see which one you like to choose to make your dream wedding come to reality.

1. Join a Wedding Contest

Many contests for couples, particularly engaged people, are offered. The prize is either a full free wedding expense or partial. If partial, it means the honeymoon is probably the reward, the wedding attire, or a certain amount of money as the prize, like $2,000 up to $5,000. Whether you win an all inclusive free wedding or a partial amount of cash prize, this option can certainly help with your budget.

2. Enter Sweepstakes

Another opportunity to grab in order to have a free wedding is to enter sweepstakes. This is a particularly contest in which you just register your personal information along with the details of the person you want to marry. This can be a great chance to have a very wonderful and the most glamorous wedding in your family history or circle of friends.

If not a sweepstakes for wedding, there are other types of sweepstakes wherein you may take home a million dollar prize. Now, that can give you a free honeymoon plus a brand new house, too. Who would have to say no to that?

3. Engage on a Reality Show for Couples

How many times contestants find love in a reality TV show like Big Brother? Or the better question is, which reality show couple got married in television? Whatever you are thinking right now is probably correct. There is a chance that you can get married in national television if you gain the votes and popularity of the viewers, which producers may consider to give you an all- expense paid wedding.

There was one couple who met on a reality show series in the US, which was Survivor. They were Rob, who is popularly called as “Boston Rob” and Amber. They actually made to the final two of their season together, and before the winner was announced, Rob proposed to him in national television. Because of their popularity to the audience and, producers think it’s best that they hold their wedding on TV, too. Their wedding in the Bahamas was a blast and totally free!

Who knows some producers may just want to televise your wedding once you make a good impression to them or become popular to viewers. They might just do that and charge you at no cost at all.

4. Attend a Mass Wedding

You can also check your local community or region if there is a schedule mass wedding. This is a simple wedding ceremony conducted for more than one couple. It is totally free, but the reception is not covered, so that may require you to spend a few dollars just to pull off a fun and unforgettable party.

Pick one of these or try all of them and see which one can give you that luck. Getting married without having to spend any penny or cut down your budget is surely a very good idea. You can save up for something else much bigger, which includes the buying of a house where you can live together, and raising your own family.

If there is an opportunity offered for a free wedding, do not hesitate to take the chance and grab it. But when you join a contest or a reality television show, the chance is 50%. If in case you and your partner do not win, there must be enough saving to use so you won’t have to wait for another 2 or 5 years before tying the knot. Since this cannot assure you 100%, still take some time to save money for your own wedding, while you keep trying and pushing to opt for alternative ways in making that very special event happen to life.


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