10 Beautiful Wedding Themes of the Year

First of all, congratulations! You are just one step closer from finally being a bride! While you are feeling thrilled and excited about this, make sure you won’t forget the things to do for the special occasion. The first thing you actually have to think about is the wedding theme. Have you chosen a theme for your dream wedding?Image Source : N04

As of these days, there are about dozens of wedding themes to select from. There are traditional themes, modern themes, culture based themes, and so on. When I had my wedding, I always knew it’s going to be Asian inspired. My best reason was because I was born Asian and my husband has Chinese ancestry too. We had no doubt choosing it because we’re both proud as Asians. Now, make sure that you and your partner are in harmony of the reasons and purpose of selecting your wedding theme. To help you out, here are ten unique and beautiful themes for wedding that are relevant for this year.

1. Traditional Theme

This is theme is simple which is why it’s never been removed on the top most chosen wedding themes in the whole world. In fact, this is the number one choice of most brides and grooms who just want to tie the knot. A church wedding and a follow up reception party in a garden, at a backyard or a restaurant are not a bad choice. The decorations to use, dresses to wear and others needed won’t have to be very difficult because they are easy to prepare if they’re all based on traditional theme.

2. Romantic Theme

Another traditional and common theme for wedding is the romantic theme. This is also simple but very elegant and beautiful. The entire place is decorated with hearts, flowers and confetti. Lighting effects can make a great impact to make the ambiance a little more dazzling. If you choose this theme, ensure the date of your wedding falls in the month of February. If possible, give your “I dos” on the 14th of February. Then that would be a romantic Valentine’s wedding day.

3. Greek Theme

One of the cultural based themes that are starting to become common is the Greek wedding theme. You can just imagine yourself as the bride wearing a Greek goddess white dress. Sharing this makes me want to get married again and if I did I would surely choose this. I think it’s too unique and beautiful. You can have flower wreaths on head with some gold sandals, statues of Greek gods and various fruits on tables. A lot of couples would be thrilled to have a Greek wedding for sure.

4. Fairy Tale Theme

Every woman’s dream is to get married and a fairy tale theme is a suitable theme to select. This is a beautiful wedding theme especially if you can find a castle where you can unite with your soul mate. The entire place is decorated with chocolate fountain, crystal statues, and balloons on the ceiling. Your groom can ride on a white horse, while you are in separate horse carriage rather than getting out of a limo.

5. Jamboree or Southern Styled Theme

A marriage ceremony in a barn, outside a barn or in the middle of a vineyard is becoming more common nowadays. If this is the kind of wedding you would want, then a Southern styled theme is surely a good option. You can have your bridesmaids wear boots with their beautiful gowns on and the groomsmen can don their cowboy hats. It would be a fabulous wedding!7. Urban Theme

Couples who are living in the city or those who have busy hectic work schedules usually choose urban theme. This kind of theme is all about skyscrapers, rooftops and helipads. Well, you can celebrate love and romance with family and friends with this kind of theme. This is one of the modern wedding themes that continue to remain favorite among many couples.

8. Beach ThemeImage Source : timparkinson

My dream wedding was on a beach because I like the breeze, the sun, the sand, and the sound of the waves. This was my first choice all throughout I started dreaming about getting married. But as time flew by I became more interested about Asian wedding. Why I am saying this now? It’s because this is a theme that would surely make the occasion more special and very memorable. There is something special when you tie the knot at a wonderful, natural place like the beach. This is a simple wedding but it’s going to be a gorgeous event you won’t ever forget for the rest of your life.

9. Seasonal ThemeSummer wedding primarily refers to marriage on a beach. If you say season wedding, this would refer more to spring, fall and winter seasons. If you are thinking about this theme, you have three choices to select. A spring theme can be about cherry blossom or other flowers that you like and just concentrate on that. For fall, it’s about leaves everywhere and the best place to exchange vows is in the woods or anywhere a bed of leaves is around. A winter wedding may not be ideal for outdoor but the ambiance in an enclosed venue can make the occasion beautiful and relevant.

10. Asian Inspired Theme

Of course, I wouldn’t miss to share with you this theme, Asian inspired. There are also different sub themes to select if you want it to be based on Asian culture. There is the Japanese wedding, Chinese wedding, Thai wedding, and the like. Even non-Asians think this theme is a beautiful choice because there are just so many good things about it. You can have floating lanterns and Japanese fans. Well, it makes you flexible in choosing decorations if you opt for this theme.

All of these wedding themes are common for many years until now. They are still good and beautiful themes to select for wedding events. Just ensure that you purely base your selection on what you and your groom like to make the event memorable and successful.


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